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Octubre 21, 2021

Octubre 21


Business to
Beach 2021

We did it in 2018 and we are back in 2021 with Expogrow Business to Beach, an exclusively professional encounter for cannabis-oriented and related companies.


You will most likely agree, we are going through tough times of uncertainty that affect us all equally. It has been a long time since we were able to meet in trade fairs for professionals and offer direct and personalized attention to our customers. This is why we are meeting again in a new event that will take place on Thursday October 21st, Expogrow B2Beach.


What you need to know

Who is it for?

Expogrow B2Beach Málaga will be an open space for business and commercial settings.

What will we do for you?

We will coordinate the agenda of those companies that so request it, enabling encounters with potential partners in the field, through one-on-one meetings where privacy is guaranteed.

Who will attend?

The attending companies and professionals will be listed on our website, so you can book these meetings in advance. For those companies that wish to do a presentation or workshop, a small stage and an audiovisual system will be available.

Because on october 21?

Thursday, October 21st. A weekday, so this meeting does not interfere with family life, and a time schedule from 10:30 to 19:00, so that you might also enjoy the city of Málaga, its beauty, sights and beaches.

How to attend?

To attend Expogrow B2Beach there are a variety of accreditations available that cover all business needs. Acquire the one most suitable for you.


Business to Beach               


Málaga is the chosen city, since it has a great climate and good transport connections.


Málaga is a modern cosmopolitan city, with great gastronomy, warm people, excellent beaches and services. 

Chosen Place

The place is Palacio Limonar, a unique setting very close to Pedregalejo Beach. It is a majestic white marble building with a long standing history, a distinguished venue that caters to every need this very much awaited event requires.


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